At Great Portland, we have acquired strategic partners that work with us in London and Spain that are experts in all aspects of property tax.

Tax is complicated when it involves assets in overseas countries, each with their own property and personal tax rates making it necessary to seek specialist guidance and advice early on which may end up being the most important thing you do!

Great Portland can guide you through the process, referring you to specialist property tax experts to ensure your purchase runs smoothly.

Before you start

Before starting the property buying process, it’s important to be aware of the tax implications of the country you are buying in. The way tax is structured determines how you purchase property, and your overall wealth will have an impact on the best way to structure your purchase in terms of tax efficiency.

At Great Portland we always advise our clients to seek expert advice from trusted consultants specialising in tax structuring and legal processes before their property purchase and/or financing.

How can we help with Tax?

Our Tax advisors have a wealth of experience assisting clients with the purchase of global assets. As such, we can guide you on the tax implications depending on where you are buying property and can put you in touch with our trusted tax specialists for advice tailored to your individual circumstances.