Our expert finance partnerships in the UK and Spain have years of experience in property financing in London and Spain which give us exclusive access to a unique and extensive network of lenders, major financial institutions and private banks. Thanks to this experience and our expert knowledge in property mean that all of our clients are given the very best deals in a constantly evolving market.

Foreign National Mortgages for Kuwaitis in London

London property has long been considered a safe haven for investors looking to put their money into a secure asset. As such, a large number of our partner's clientele are foreign nationals so they have a wealth of experience in arranging property finance for people who are non-UK residents.

What you need to know

As a foreign national, your nationality, country of residence, income structure and worldwide assets will all be considered to determine the most appropriate bank for you.

Depending on your jurisdiction, some banks will require you to have an internationally accredited accountant, particularly if you are self-employed. Most important of all is demonstrating your source of wealth.

How can we help?

Our partners have experience in securing property finance for clients in Kuwait for buying real estate in London and Spain and are skilled in sourcing the right one for your individual circumstances.