Great Portland’s exclusive acquisitions service provides all of its clients with absolute discretion. We take our time in understanding your goals, focusing most of our attention on investment-grade commercial property in London and throughout the UK, which are deemed the safest and most resilient in the world.

Whether it is helping you grow or preserve your wealth, that gives you the opportunity for stable and secure capital growth whilst avoiding short-term fluctuations, or to deliver a regular income within your portfolio that is able to service and put value back in, we are able to tailor the right investment solution for you.


London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world and it has the most de-regulated property market. Unlike other major cities, New York or Tokyo for example, anyone can invest in property in London and, if they choose, let that real estate investment out. In London, there are no rent controls or real estate restricted ownership rules that the property investment individual needs to worry about. That is the good news.

The bad news is that, because it is a free market, the world’s wealthy real estate investment moguls are looking for the opportunity to acquire a very limited stock of prime property investment assets in London and UK real estate. Their strategy means that competition for the best property investment assets is fierce and, like all imperfect markets, not every investor has access to the same information and real estate investment network.

Much of what is sold is off-market and much is sold so quickly after it is marketed that, unless you are very quick and looking full-time, you will miss it. This is why investing in the best properties is a full on job and why many of our clients delegate this real estate investment process to us.