Property Management

Our expert property management partner in the UK are very best in the industry and were established over 100 years ago.

On average, owners that our partner's management team receive rents that are 9% higher than non-managed properties. As members of The Dispute Service (an independent not-for-profit company established to resolve complaints and disputes), they ensure the tenant's deposit is protected and returned in accordance with legislation.

By using their management services, you are free to have as much or as little involvement with the management of your property as you see necessary. Our service aims to meet your specific needs as an owner and will always strive to achieve the best possible return on your property.

Pro-active asset management will result in:

  • Your property being maintained to a high standard
  • Achieving the highest rents
  • Reducing void periods
  • Securing high-quality tenants

In addition to the standard management service, they will also provide advice on:

  • Refurbishments
  • Repairs
  • Supply of furniture
  • Health and safety checks
  • Review of property to ensure the best return